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Your Success, Our Passion: Embracing Your Story

Empowering the Future of Women's Soccer

Welcome to Soccer Talented, your partner in nurturing the talents and ambitions of high school girls, college women, pro players, and young females aspiring to pursue non-playing careers in the dynamic world of soccer in both the United States and Europe. We also extend our warm welcome to the parents who stand behind their daughters’ dreams and support their journeys in the soccer arena.

At Soccer Talented, we’re passionate about empowering the next generation of female soccer stars, whether they dream of scoring goals on the field or making a significant impact off it. Our vision is to be the driving force behind the advancement of women’s soccer on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Are you a player or parent looking for help? 

In that case, you’ll find Soccer Talented is dedicated to helping female soccer players in their goal of playing soccer in college or professionally, as well as providing opportunities for non-playing careers within the world of soccer.

We specialize in facilitating connections and providing access to collegiate and professional playing and non-playing positions in the United States and Europe.

If you have the desire and financial ability to become a partial or full owner of a soccer club in Europe, we are here to assist you in making that dream a reality.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to educating and advancing women’s soccer as a whole, working towards creating an environment that promotes growth, success, and recognition for women athletes.

An environment where women soccer players can thrive and reach unprecedented success and popularity, just as their male counterparts have accomplished.

Join us on this journey as we work together to elevate women’s soccer to new heights.

Office workers playing soccer and causing a mess!
We want to shake things up to elevate Women's Soccer in the world

Teesta Sisodia Sullivan

Founder, Owner

Teesta established Soccer Talented to address the existing inequalities in the sport and promote equality for women soccer players. 

Through her other soccer website, Go Soccer Pro, she has helped numerous players, both male and female pursue their football aspirations in Europe. 

With a remarkable academic background, including a Law Degree from Stetson University School of Law, a Master’s in Health Science from the University of North Florida, and a BA in Psychology from the University of Miami, Teesta brings a unique blend of expertise and real-world experience to her advocacy.

Michael Sullivan


Mike is an accomplished professional with a distinguished sports, real estate, and business leadership background. 

He earned degrees from the University of Miami. He launched his career in the sports industry, holding positions in the front office of the Miami Dolphins Professional Football Team and Fort Lauderdale Strikers of the NASL.

During his tenure, he played an integral role in various areas such as marketing, sales, and public relations, working alongside influential figures like owner Joseph Robbie and legendary Head Coach Don Shula.

Michael brings a unique perspective and valuable insights into the development and growth of women’s soccer.

Michael Sullivan, wearing hat, sitting next to Teesta Sullivan in the stands of a football game
Michael and Teesta Sullivan


What Our Fans Say

Empowering Female Soccer Players,
From High School and Beyond

Soccer Talented provides resources and insights for females in high school, playing in college, pursuing opportunities to play professionally in the US or Europe, and non-playing soccer career opportunities to stay in the game beyond playing.

Female High School Soccer Tips

Tips to Improve Skills, Get Recruited, Standout at ID Camps, Win Scholarships

College Women's Soccer

Advice for from pro players on college women's soccer: training, nutrition, mental, academics, and financial aid.

How to Go Pro in Women's Soccer

Get expert advice on how to achieve your dream of playing professional soccer.

Careers in Soccer After Playing

Learn about different career paths, skills & qualifications for jobs in the soccer world.

Find Your Place. We Can Help.

Elevate Your Game, talent is Not Enough

At Soccer Talented, we understand that talent alone is not enough to achieve greatness in soccer. 

As we continue building Soccer Talented, you’ll find the most comprehensive resources for women soccer players and their families, derived from college players and coaches to professional players, coaches, club owners, and scouts, as well as parents and industry leaders.

Our focus is empowering female soccer players ages 13 and up to pursue their goals confidently, and we offer a range of services to help them achieve their dreams.

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