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Ambassador Program

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Meet Our Ambassadors
for Women's Soccer

Welcome to the Soccer Talented Ambassador Program, where our accomplished Ambassadors share our mission of inspiring and empowering female soccer players to reach their full potential.


Supporting us, they provide valuable insights and up-to-date information to help women in soccer and those seeking careers beyond the field. Together with our Ambassadors, we aim to impact the world of women’s soccer and create opportunities for success both on and off the pitch.

Christie Gray

Pro Player - Shelbourne FC, Ireland /College-Queens University, Ontario, Canada

Christie Gray is from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She is a forward for Shelbourne FC in the Women’s National League (WNL) in Dublin, Ireland. Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Queen’s University’s prestigious Smith School of Business in Kingston, Canada. She also studied abroad at KEDGE Business School, Bordeaux, France, and trained with D1 FC Girondins de Bordeaux.


Laura Stark

Founder of Stark Strong Performance, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Training Available 1-on-1 Anywhere in the World

Laura Stark, founder of Stark Strong Performance, offers pro-level speed, strength, agility, and power training. With a background in NCAA Track and Field and NFL internships, Laura’s mentorship has helped reduce injuries and improve speed for athletes through her Speed Enhancement Mentorship program. As a Soccer Talented Ambassador, she emphasizes holistic athlete development and innovative performance training.

Dr. Annemieke Zijerveld Griffin

Clinical Performance Psychologist & Consultant at StatuMentis, Brussels, Belgium

Dr. Annemieke Zijerveld Griffin is a highly respected professional working with elite athletes and teams, fostering mental strength, clarity, and peak performance. Through StatuMentis Coach Consultancy, she empowers players and coaches to achieve remarkable results with customized, confidential support. Dr. Griffin works with athletes in Europe and the United States via Zoom or in-person meetings.

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Klemen Hosta

Founder & Owner - TalentiveApp & Fieldoo, Ljubljana Metropolitan Area, Slovenia

Klemen Hosta, the Founder & CEO behind Fieldoo and TalentiveApp. Fieldoo, an innovative online sports hub, opens doors for young players, through direct contacts and connections. Meanwhile, TalentiveApp, soon to be released, is the first football mobile app connecting players, coaches, and scouts around the world.

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Buford Mobley

Founder - The Soccer Parent Lifestyle, Cary, NC

Buford Mobley an ardent advocate for soccer parents, guiding them through the intricate world of elite Youth Soccer. With a focus on practical strategies, he empowers parents to nurture confident, successful, and happy soccer players. He brings a wealth of knowledge and empathy to his mission of educating & supporting soccer families. 

Libby Moore

Pro Player - Shelbourne FC, Ireland / College-UNC

Libby Moore touts an impressive collegiate career at the University of North Carolina and professional experience with Fortuna Hjørring, and now with Shelbourne FC in Dublin, Ireland. Her contributions to multiple College Cup and National Championship appearances demonstrate her talent and dedication, while her academic achievements, including being named to the Academic All-District team, showcase her commitment both on and off the field.

Maggie Pierce

Pro Player - Shelbourne FC, Ireland / College-UNC

Maggie Pierce is an exceptional soccer player and an inspiring individual for aspiring female athletes. Starting a successful career playing for Shelbourne FC in the Women’s National League, All Ireland Tournament, FAI Cup, and prestigious Champions League, Maggie competes at the highest level. During her time at the University of North Carolina, she contributed to remarkable team achievements, earning recognition and accolades for her versatility and adaptability. 

Michelle Rayner

Women's Head Coach & Sporting Director - Lexington Sporting Club (SC), Lexington, Kentucky USA

Michelle Rayner is a seasoned soccer professional with a remarkable journey from New Zealand to playing in Australia and England. She represented the New Zealand National Team in the inaugural Women’s World Soccer Championships in 1991. She is now the Women’s Head Coach and Sporting Director at Lexington SC. As Ambassador for Soccer Talented, she will author articles to help women navigate the dynamic world of women’s soccer.

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