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Resources and Guidance for Female Soccer Players

“As a female soccer player or parent, Soccer Talented can help start a path to college soccer, professional opportunities, or a non-playing career in soccer.”

“We offer customized resources and support for women soccer players.”

“Soccer Talented offers personalized training plans, college recruitment assistance, career insights, and pro club ownership opportunities.” 

"The clock is ticking, and every second counts.
Don't delay, chase your dreams today."

Maggie Pierce, pro-footballer is an alumnus of UNC Tarheels Women's Soccer

College Talent: Essential Criteria College Recruiters Are Seeking

Libby Moore, No. 4 playing pro football in Euope

Pro Talent: A Guide For Women Soccer Players Pursuing Professional Careers

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Non-Playing Talent: Women's Soccer Career Options Beyond playing

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Buy a club Talent: do you see yourself as a potential owner of a pro club?

Find the help you need to reach your goals

Soccer Services to maximize Your Potential

“Soccer Talented helps female players in the US and Europe with training, coaching, evaluations, and career opportunities. Start your journey with us now.”

“Every champion was once a beginner that didn’t quit.” – Mia Hamm

Soccer Talented offers Mentoring Programs

Mentoring Programs

Talk directly with college and pro players that have played at the levels you want to attain, as well as coaches and executives.

Player Evaluations

Assessing your abilities can involve using remote technology, videos, or in person tryouts for coaches and scouts.

Training Drills & Tips

Find drills, exercises, and stretching tips that can be done anywhere – at home, in the gym, or on the field.

Mental Resilience

Build mental toughness and coping skills that can benefit you both on and off the field to bring out your very best."

Nutrition Plans

Meal and hydration plans to help maintain optimal energy levels, build strength, and prevent injuries.

Non-Playing Careers

Learn about different jobs in soccer that don't involve playing, like coaching, scouting, marketing, and others.

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