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Soccer Speed Training
With Stark Strong Performance

Featuring Laura Stark,
Owner of Stark Strong Performance

Laura Stark squating in front of soccer goal.


Are you a soccer player looking to take your game to the next level?


Soccer speed training with Stark Strong Performance covers drills and techniques for improving speed, agility, and technical skills. 


Are you tired of being outrun by opponents and struggling to make an impact on the field?


It’s time to improve acceleration, explosive speed and reduce injuries.


Laura Stark will help boost your performance and impress coaches.

Table of Contents

Boost Speed in Short Distances!

For female high school soccer players, mastering a quick 5-10 yard burst is essential. In soccer, winning the ball within 5 to 10 yards can make a significant difference. This speed edge not only elevates your game but also catches the attention of next-level coaches.


Not only does it enhance your on-field impact, but it also ensures you stand out when college coaches are watching. It’s about more than just skills; it’s about showcasing those skills effectively.


Mastering these explosive bursts can be your ticket to getting noticed and advancing to the next level in your soccer career. Focus on speed and agility, and let your talent shine.

Laura Stark's Four Pillars of Running

Every high school-age female soccer player dreams of dashing past opponents with unmatched speed and skill. To turn that dream into a reality, you must first grasp the foundational pillars of running. By mastering these, you can elevate your game and ensure you play safer, reducing the risk of injuries.


Key Benefits of Mastering the Four Pillars:

  1. Boosted Speed: An immediate advantage on the field. Refining your running mechanics allows you to accelerate faster, leaving opponents trailing.
  2. Optimized Technique: Good technique is more than just looking professional. It ensures every stride is effective, making you run efficiently.
  3. Endurance Uplift: Soccer matches are demanding. With better-running foundations, you can maintain consistent performance throughout, even during those nail-biting final minutes.
  4. Injury Prevention: Soccer’s fun when you’re playing, not healing. A solid understanding of running biomechanics reduces the chances of unnecessary injuries, letting you play with confidence.

Specific exercises tailored to soccer players’ needs are essential to harness the power of these pillars. By committing to regular training, you’ll notice improved agility, speed, and stamina, all while minimizing injury risks. 

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The Importance of Spinal Alignment for Soccer Players

Every aspiring soccer player knows the importance of agility, speed, and technique. But what about posture? Achieving and maintaining proper spinal alignment can be a game-changer for high school-age female soccer players. Your spine is the central axis of your body, and when it’s aligned, every move you make becomes more effective and efficient.


Top Benefits of Proper Spinal Alignment:

  1. Enhanced Strength: By maintaining a straight spine, you cultivate a foundation of strength crucial for those powerful kicks and tackles.
  2. Core Stability: Your core isn’t just about abs; it’s the powerhouse that drives many of your on-field movements. A well-aligned spine fortifies this core strength.
  3. Improved Acceleration: Ready to zoom past opponents? Proper posture positions you for explosive starts, letting you sprint faster and with more control.
  4. Injury Prevention: Beyond performance, correct spinal alignment reduces strain on muscles and joints, minimizing injury risks for longer and safer gameplay.

To tap into these benefits, incorporate focused alignment exercises into your training routine. Commit to 3 sets, each lasting 30 seconds, and witness noticeable improvements in your game. For a step-by-step guide on mastering these exercises, don’t miss Laura’s insightful video demonstration.

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The Power of Hip Projection

As young female soccer players, have you ever noticed how the agility and flow of professional players seem almost dance-like? At the heart of this fluidity is hip projection.


Benefits of Hip Projection:

  1. Swift Movement: Your hips are the rudder of your body. Directing them effectively initiates rapid and decisive actions on the field.
  2. Mastered Angles: A crucial part of the game lies in the details. The right hip projection allows you to achieve the perfect push-off angles, making every move count.
  3. Prepped Steps: Soccer doesn’t wait. Efficiently setting up for your next step can make the difference between a goal and a miss.
  4. Enhanced Skills: When you perfect hip projection, you automatically improve ground contact and angle precision, elevating your gameplay.
  5. Strength Boost: More than just technique, hip projection enhances your core strength, providing extra power, especially during those game-changing accelerations.

By focusing on this essential skill, you set yourself up for success in training sessions and match day. Watch Laura Stark demonstrate the proper technique in the video below.

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Switch, For Moves, Speed, and Soccer Precision

As an aspiring soccer player, mastering your movements can significantly affect your game. One technique, known as the Switch, stands out in its ability to refine your footwork and speed. Unlike the regular stepping, we’re accustomed to, switching aids in quick, sharp movements, essential for a soccer match’s fast-paced nature. Here’s why you should incorporate the Switch exercise into your routine:


  1. Improved Posture: A proper stance allows for better balance, agility, and reduced injury risk.
  2. Enhanced Switch Technique: Hone your ability to change direction fluidly and respond to gameplay dynamically.
  3. Precise Foot Placement: Perfect where and how you place your foot, crucial for passing, shooting, and dribbling.
  4. Effective Ground Contact: Ensure that every step or switch you make has purpose and power.
  5. Faster Ground Release: Propel yourself forward more swiftly, always staying a step ahead of your opponent.

For the best results, we recommend completing 3 sets of 10 yards. And if you’re looking for a visual guide on performing the Switch, Laura’s demonstration video provides an excellent step-by-step tutorial.

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Stiffness: Elevate Sprints, Magnify Moves, Play Safely & Longer

Full body stiffness enables players to handle the demands of sprinting effectively. When making those aggressive steps, whether you’re darting to intercept a ball or sprinting towards the goal, the strength and elasticity in your body determines how quickly you respond, how powerfully you move, and how consistently you can repeat these actions without fatigue.


Key Benefits:

  1. Enhanced Full Body Strength: Cultivating stiffness bolsters the overall strength, making every move on the field more potent.
  2. Balanced Stiffness and Pliability: While stiffness aids in powerful movements, pliability ensures you don’t risk injuries.
  3. Elevated Elasticity: A more elastic body can stretch and return to form quickly, ideal for those quick rebounds and ball interceptions.
  4. Rapid Ground Contact: The faster you make contact with the ground, the quicker you can propel yourself forward or change direction.
  5. Fortified Feet and Ankles: These are your foundation. Strengthening them ensures stability, reduces injury risk, and allows for more forceful pushes off the turf.
  6. Cultivated Proactive Movements: Instead of merely reacting, proactive movements mean you’re always a step ahead, anticipating the game’s flow and your opponent’s moves.

Start with focused exercises: 3 sets with a minimum of 15 repetitions in each set. Watch Laura’s demonstration below on how to perform this exercise.

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Unlock Your Soccer Speed Potential

Now that you understand the importance of Laura Stark’s four pillars of running, it’s time to take action and unlock your soccer speed potential. At Stark Strong Performance, they are dedicated to helping athletes like you prioritize the proper training methods, determine when to implement them, and guide you on how to execute them properly.

Their personalized approach considers your busy schedule and delivers results based on your commitment and hard work.

Laura Stark and her team will create a plan tailored to your needs, ensuring you reach your speed goals and elevate your soccer performance. 

Success Stories

Numerous athletes have achieved remarkable results through the Stark Strong Performance programs that helped with their speed training programs. Here are just a few examples:


  • Lilya added a new sense of purpose to her training drills, resulting in increased speed and improved performance.
  • Hayley couldn’t believe her eyes as she witnessed her old form transform in just a few weeks of our 1-on-1 mentorship, enabling her to play pain-free.
  • Thanks to her enhanced speed and agility, Alex’s new normal is being ice pack and painkiller-free, even with a heavier workload.
  • Rylee gained confidence and happiness after working with us 1-on-1. She overcame her fear and can’t wait to step onto the field.

Laura Stark: Empowering Female Soccer Players

Soccer Talented’s Ambassador, Laura Stark, brings a transformative touch to her approach. Stark Strong Performance hones speed, strength, agility, and power and nurtures a solid athlete-ground connection, fostering enhanced efficiency and endurance. 


The outcome? A formidable athlete primed for competitive success while minimizing injury risks.

Laura’s focus extends beyond physical prowess. Amid the crucial training and conditioning, her athletes and clients are guided toward developing unshakable confidence and social empowerment, unlocking their next-level potential. 


Through her mentorship, cheerleading, and disciplined guidance, Laura readies them to navigate life’s challenges with competitive poise. This holistic approach sets us apart and drives our excellence.

Stark Strong Performance is available 1 on 1 anywhere in the world. 

Final Whistle

Improving your soccer speed is essential for making a difference on the field. By focusing on the four pillars of running and implementing effective training techniques, you can enhance your quick acceleration, explosive speed, and ability to beat opponents to the ball and to stay on the pitch longer with improved injury prevention. Take the leap and start your journey towards soccer speed greatness today!

Picture of Laura Stark

Laura Stark

Laura Stark, founder of Stark Strong Performance, bridges collegiate questions and pro training secrets.

A former NCAA Track and Field athlete, she offers comprehensive speed, strength, agility, and power training.

With roots in NFL internship, she established her venture in 2016, driven by mentorship.

Her Speed Enhancement Mentorship, since 2020, minimizes injuries and elevates speed for athletes.

A Soccer Talented Ambassador, Laura embodies holistic athlete development and performance innovation.

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