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Women's Professional Soccer League
Coming to Canada in 2025


Women’s professional soccer has been gaining momentum worldwide, and Canada is ready to join the ranks. Led by retired Canadian soccer player Diana Matheson, Project 8 is on a mission to establish a professional women’s soccer league in Canada by 2025. 

With the success of the Canadian women’s national team and the growing demand for women’s soccer, Matheson and her team believe that the time is right to bring this exciting opportunity to Canadian players and fans. 

The Need for a Professional Women's Soccer League in Canada

Canada is undoubtedly one of the top countries when it comes to women’s soccer. Their national team has been consistently performing at an incredibly high level for years and has garnered a great deal of success both on the domestic and international stage.


However, despite their achievements, Canada still faces a significant issue: they are one of the very few countries in the top 20 rankings without a women’s professional soccer league.


As a solution to this problem, Diana Matheson – a crucial player in the development of Canadian women’s soccer – has taken the initiative to create a pathway for Canadian players to reach the highest levels of competition within their own country.


With a clear goal in mind, Matheson founded Project 8 with the main aim of establishing a professional women’s soccer league in Canada. By doing so, she hopes to provide a platform for talented Canadian soccer players to flourish and achieve their dreams on home soil.

The Mission of Project 8

Project 8 holds an important significance as it is named after the eight remarkable women who seized the reins of the Canadian Women’s Soccer League in 1981.


These women, who were visionaries and trailblazers in their respective arenas, paved the way for female athletes everywhere to pursue their dreams and carve a path of their own in the world of sports. 

The eight women who started the Canadian Women’s Soccer League in 1981 are:

  • Francielle Albert
  • Judy Bestwick
  • Bonnie Blair
  • Linda Hargreaves
  • Debbie Keller
  • Linda Mathers
  • Maureen O’Neill
  • Ann Picken

The Canadian Women’s Soccer League lasted for two seasons, from 1981 to 1982. The league featured six teams from across Canada, and it was the first professional women’s soccer league in North America.

Although the league was short-lived, it was a significant step forward for women’s soccer in Canada. It helped to raise the profile of the sport and to attract more young girls to play the game. It also inspired other countries to start their own professional women’s soccer leagues.

Project 8’s founder, Matheson, is deeply committed to continuing the legacy of these pioneers and working towards building a thriving and sustainable women’s professional soccer league in Canada.


With a steadfast determination and unwavering dedication to the cause, Project 8 aims to empower and inspire aspiring female soccer players to chase their goals, and leave their mark in the world of sports just like the inspiring trailblazers before them.

Initiatives of Project 8

Project 8 is fully committed to bring their vision of a professional women’s soccer league to life in Canada. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, the team has embarked on several key initiatives that will ensure a solid foundation is laid for the success of the league. 

Firstly, they have been conducting extensive research on the feasibility of a professional women’s soccer league in Canada, leaving no stone unturned.


Upon gaining insights from their research, Project 8 created a comprehensive business plan that outlines every detail of the proposed league – from the structure and operations to the long-term goals. 

To put the plan into action, Project 8 has been tirelessly securing funding and partnerships with like-minded organizations who share the same mission and vision.


In addition to this, Project 8 has been actively engaging with fans and stakeholders to gather feedback and support for the league, ensuring that they have a say and their voices are heard. 

The efforts made by Project 8 are a testament to their unwavering commitment to create a thriving professional women’s soccer league in Canada that will stand the test of time.

Research and Feasibility Study

To bring their vision to life, Project 8 has embarked on several key initiatives.


These include conducting extensive research on the feasibility of a professional women’s soccer league in Canada, developing a comprehensive business plan, securing funding and partnerships, and engaging with fans and stakeholders to gather feedback and support for the league.

Research and Feasibility Study

  • Project 8 understands the importance of thorough research and analysis in laying the groundwork for a successful league. They have undertaken a comprehensive feasibility study to assess the potential for a professional women’s soccer league in Canada. This study involves analyzing market demand, evaluating potential revenue streams, and identifying suitable locations for teams.

Business Plan Development

  • Building on the findings of their research, Project 8 is developing a robust business plan for the league. This plan will outline the league’s structure, governance, financial projections, and marketing strategies. A well-crafted business plan is crucial for attracting investors, sponsors, and other key stakeholders.

Securing Funding and Partnerships

  • Funding is a critical aspect of establishing a professional sports league, and Project 8 is actively seeking financial support from various sources. They have already secured key corporate sponsorships with CIBC, Air Canada, Canadian Tire, and DoorDash. These partnerships not only provide financial backing but also demonstrate the growing interest in and support for women’s soccer in Canada.

Engaging with Fans and Stakeholders

  • Project 8 recognizes the importance of involving fans and stakeholders in the development of the league. They are actively engaging with supporters, soccer clubs, and other organizations to gather feedback, generate excitement, and build a strong community around the league. By involving the soccer community from the outset, Project 8 aims to create a league that truly represents and serves the interests of Canadian soccer fans.

Soccer superstars Christine Sinclair and Diana Matheson announce that a professional women’s soccer league in Canada will launch in 2025

Christine Sinclair

Christine Sinclair is a Canadian soccer player, the world’s leading goalscorer for international goals, and an Olympic and World Cup medalist. 


She was born in Burnaby, British Columbia, and started playing soccer when she was young. Sinclair has won several individual and team awards and is considered one of Canada’s most successful players. 


She has been named Canada Soccer’s Female Player of the Year 14 times and was nominated for the FIFA World Player of the Year award in 2012 and 2016. 


Sinclair is also an advocate for equal pay in sports and a co-founder of Project 8.

Diana Matheson

Diana Matheson is a retired Canadian professional soccer player who played for the Canadian national team from 2004 to 2017. She is a two-time Olympic bronze medalist and a World Cup bronze medalist.


Matheson was born in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, on April 6, 1984. She began playing soccer at a young age and quickly showed promise. 


She made her debut for the Canadian national team at the age of 20, and has since gone on to become one of the most successful players in the country’s history.


Matheson retired from playing in 2017 after suffering a concussion. 

The Impact of a Professional Women's Soccer League

Establishing a professional women’s soccer league in Canada would have far-reaching impacts on the sport and society. Here are some key areas where the league can make a difference:


Player Development and Pathways 

  • A professional league would allow Canadian players to compete at a high level within their own country. This would enhance player development, create more pathways for aspiring athletes, and ultimately strengthen the talent pool for the national team.

Economic Growth

  • The league would generate economic opportunities, create jobs, attract investment, and boost local economies. It would also contribute to the growth of related industries such as sports marketing, broadcasting, and tourism.

Gender Equality and Empowerment 

  • A professional women’s soccer league would promote gender equality by providing equal opportunities for female athletes. It would challenge stereotypes, inspire young girls to pursue their athletic dreams, and empower women on and off the field.

National Pride and Identity

  • The league would be a source of national pride, showcasing the talent and athleticism of Canadian women’s soccer players. It would foster a sense of unity and identity, rallying Canadians around their love for the sport and their support for their homegrown players.

The Road Ahead for Project 8

Project 8 is a pioneering effort that is making significant progress to establish a professional women’s soccer league in Canada. The Vancouver Whitecaps FC and Calgary Foothills have already extended their support as founding teams, while AFC Toronto City has become the latest addition to bolster the cause. 

The driving force of the project, Matheson, and her team have been actively engaging in discussions with potential team owners and investors, both within Canada and overseas, to gather more support. They are determined to ensure the success of this ambitious project by constructing a league that is sustainable, has healthy financials, and is highly competitive.

Project 8’s goals extend beyond just creating a league. They have been negotiating broadcasting deals, developing youth programs, and are actively looking at increasing the number of teams and players to enhance the league’s value proposition. 

With resolute support from fans, sponsors, and the broader soccer community, Project 8’s vision of establishing a professional women’s soccer league in Canada is on track to becoming a magnificent reality.

AFC Toronto City words on dark city background of Toronto
First Founding Teams in Canada's Women's Pro League: Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto

Final Whistle

Diana Matheson and Project 8 are leading a groundbreaking initiative to establish a professional women’s soccer league in Canada.


Their vision, dedication, and strategic planning are driving this exciting endeavor forward. By providing Canadian players with the opportunity to compete at a professional level, the league will not only enhance player development but also foster gender equality, promote economic growth, and ignite national pride.


With the support of fans, sponsors, and stakeholders, Project 8 is poised to make history and leave a lasting legacy for Canadian women’s soccer.

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